And on the 9th Day

Patience is such a fascinating thing. We so desperately want it in this crazy world we live, yet we so strongly resist it in ourselves. At least I do!

I’ve posted of my desire to live a life built around adventure with evolution and learning as fundamental building blocks to achieve the height of adventure we seek. I’m now going to posit another – patience. Counter intuitive, yet so fundamental.

Those that know me well would hardly associate patience as one of my arrows in my quiver. Certainly not my best. JDT has written (she writes, I post) beautifully about our differences. In this, patience, evolution has brought us closer, yet continues to divide. Being the mother of our children, crafting a wonderful career . . well you get the point.

This past Saturday we went out for a mid morning coffee and snack. We went over to the heart of the Marigny and Peter & Paul Hotel. Interesting – this whole area feels incredibly similar to Williamsburg Brooklyn when we went there some 13-ish years ago. We are so attracted. This little outing, a bit over a mile round trip, was to be one of my first walks of over a mile. And well. it didn’t go great. Big neck and back pain that forced me to stop on a series of porches on the out and back. Plus, I made a couple of wrong turns and it turned out to be a bit less than 1.5 miles. I got back to 913 and applied heat to my back. Sunday I took it easy, mostly making sure all was well with the April 18th deadline approaching. On Monday we went to Antoine’s for lunch in the Quarter (St. Louis between Bourbon and Royal). AND my back felt really good going and coming. One mile down – PAIN FREE.

This morning is the 19th. The day after the 18th. Duh you say? Well this is essentially my 39th such 19th after 18th. They are to to celebrated!! So, we decided to go to breakfast at one of our favorite NOLA breakfast spots – Elizabeths. It is in the Bywater, two neighborhoods over. Feeling good I said to JDT, let’s walk. AND we walked, in our way (subject for another post). We had breakfast, and still feeling good, I suggested walking back. I’m now crafting this post while I’m applying heat to my neck and back.

The 9th day of our adventure in NOLA and a successful full 3 mile walk completed!!

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