I have a photo of this from our last trip here (2018). Couldn’t believe I just ran across it on my wanderings!

We’ve been asked…are you getting in a rhythm? We’re trying, but it is Glen’s busiest week of the year (extended to April 18 this year) so we’ve been sticking pretty close to home.

Our abode is on the outer edge of the Quarter which is a good thing because the crowds get annoying pretty quickly. My morning routine doesn’t vary much. I tend to get up, make and enjoy my (first) coffee, read the news, and then either I head out in search of that croissant that will rival Saraghina in Brooklyn or we both go, depending on Glen”s work load. I love the early morning because there aren’t many people out. (NOLA is a late night drinking town.)

After enjoying whatever treat I’ve returned with, I take Dug out for a walk. Right now we just head out in some direction to explore and wander the neighborhood streets. The other day we went through the Bywater which is a really cool neighborhood with corner coffee spots, restaurants and an artist’s enclave. I think we’ll be returning there frequently. Yesterday I was heading to a cemetery, but I was “walking and talking” with a friend and I ended up with no bars (cell phone bars, there are plenty of the other kind of bars). Kinda spooky so had to turn around! I did walk through Louie Armstrong Park and will go back to explore more. Today we walked along the river to the far side of the Quarter and by the time we were heading back, the town was teeming with people so time to scadaddle home!

Scenes from the Bywater
I need to research the history of this building.
Weather really takes its toll on buildings here
You know how I love street art.

Usually post Dug walk, Glen and I head out for a late lunch/early dinner and then wander a bit and/or head home so he can check in on the day’s work. Today I couldn’t wait for my favorite…a shrimp po’boy at Johnny’s. It’s such a dive of questionable cleanliness, but it’s the best. Sadly, we got there at 3:15 and they close at 3:30 so they were out of shrimp?! We settled for a beef po’boy as suggested by the cashier. Just not the same. Gonna have to go back next week after the Easter crowds.

We do have a lovely front porch so we enjoy spending the late afternoon sitting outside to watch the world go by and get annoyed by Dug barking at all the dogs, horses, and delivery people. (Our building currently has 3 dogs between our 4 units so he’s not the only barker.)

Our porch in the evening
The view from our porch

This afternoon we wandered down to the neighborhood corner bar. Glen was reminded of the bars of his youth – kind of an experience. I learned that I shouldn’t order a “cocktail”. It needs to be a shot or maybe a gin and tonic if I’m stretching my luck. I chatted with a couple people who live in NOLA, but had lived or experienced California. They were very friendly and gave me great restaurant and walk ideas in the Bywater. I had a cocktail and because we are in NOLA, I put it in a to-go cup and brought it home! Turns out the bar is also dog-friendly so Dug can go next time. Tuesday is “boil” night so we’ll be back then for sure.

Speaking of Dug, he has become quite the urban dog. I was telling Glen that very little bothers him anymore. He used to balk at loud sounds, people petting him, animals, grates in the sidewalk, etc. Now he takes it all in stride and just struts his way down the street sniffing all the smells. I mean all the smells because after all, it is NOLA.

Grates don’t scare Dug! Now if he could just learn to read the messaging!
Dug after a long walk

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