Profound Profounder Profoundly Profoundness Profoundest Profundity

I’ve been thinking about a post for a long while. And wondering…why was it so easy to find topics while we were in Brooklyn? We’ve been home for a month and a half and I’ve posted once. It was “Is Happiness a Place?”. I often profess that there is much happiness to be found in the little things. In fact, I believe that the little things are the essence of happiness. If we spend all of our days waiting for the big things to make us happy, then I think we will largely be disappointed. So why haven’t I been inclined to write about the small things while at home? Are blog posts only merited when there’s a big thing? Do the many small things that occur daily merit their own post?

Did I live a profound life in Brooklyn and a not-so-profound life here at “home”? Am I more observant when I’m away from home? Do I pay attention to the details more? Do I take things for granted here? Is life away just more interesting? Do I have more time for reflection? Is there something about newness when away?

Wait. I think that’s it. At least it rings true right now. Newness creates profoundness. Newness creates a finer sense of detail. I pay attention more. I observe more, therefore I have more thoughts. Routine and familiarity deny profundity. (Wow. I keep coming back to that thought – routine vs familiarity. See earlier posts.)

Solution. Slow down and pay attention. Note the details. Stop and reflect. AND do new things. Go to new places. Meet new people. Learn new things.

NEW = Profound? Maybe?

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