Those of you that are following JDT and me know that I’ve been in CA for a brief, yet incredibly fulfilling and busy visit. You’ll also know that my last post was a bit inane. Frankly I needed to get away a bit. Having done that, I’ll get on.

I intend to post two blogs, at least thinly connected.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, a significant desire for our BK adventure was to rediscover our relationship with each other. Simply put, how to be a couple and work toward more of a shared experience. From my perspective we’ve earned an A+. Particularly for two incredibly independent, strong minded, strong willed individuals. Interestingly, this is one of the biggest attractions for me of Joyce. AND this shared experience has rekindled that attraction. And life is messy. Those that know me well, know I am keenly attracted to messy.

Before I left BK to come to CA, JDT asked me if I had read the blog recently. Now I see why. Over the course of our blogging, we will each occasionally mention or ask about one of our recent posts. I’ve come to believe, that part of being strong willed and strong minded is also a sense of pride (at least for us). I know when I ask JDT it comes from my sense of having done something good (in my opinion). Well, if you want to really know why I love my wife so deeply, please read her blog post “inner conflict”. JDT you done good!

I like to say – Answers are overrated. Questions are the good stuff. And, maybe it would be better to say the question and the search for answers is an essence of the human existence. While reading JDT’s “inner conflict” I began to cry. Certainly not of sadness, but of the realization of just how beautiful and wonderful JDT had stated one of the biggest, if not the biggest inspirations in our lives. JDT you inspire me!

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