Chairs That Hurt My Ass, Black Beans, Etc.

You know how you wake up and you just know it will be one of those days? Well, I’ve had so few of those these past 58 days . . .

I ranted earlier about the inappropriateness of black beans. Well, we found a Oaxaca Mexican place. I’ve been craving Mexican food, particularly tacos. I ordered a three taco combo which included rice and beans. I made sure the beans were retried bean. So, we got our food, and the tacos were bad. I mean real bad. And to make it worse, the refried beans were made with black beans. Nooooo!

I should have known! The Oaxaca Taqueria website has a “design” page. And let me quote – “an electric bohemian vibe created by the self-styled “celebrity chef without celebrity” Alan Harding. Credited with inventing the neighborhood Brooklyn bistro that has been so central to the hipster gestalt.” Further “he has created . . . and built a found-it-on-a-street-corner look with reclaimed furniture . . “ (bold added). Let me tell you, reclaimed doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. This is!! Hell, just own cheap and don’t claim some kind of style points as your reasoning.

I’ve given up on finding decent Mexican Food. and the hipsters? Hmmm.

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60 something retirees (or semi-retirees) learning to live differently

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