Half Empty? Half Full?

So without actually counting, I think that we are about half way through our adventure. People have asked…Too long? Too short? (I wrote an earlier post about the “Goldilocks” syndrome.) And for now…I’ll have to say that I won’t know till it’s over because so far so good!

I have a google doc that I started months ago noting all the things we wanted to do, the places we wanted to eat, and places we wanted to go on our adventure. I had started following Brooklyn IG pages, subscribed to the NYT, and tuned in to all things NYC so whenever I read something or was given a suggestion for something, I added it to the growing list. Since we’ve been here, I’ve been checking things off as we experience them, but honestly, it’s like one of those big “lettucy” salads that no matter how much you eat, it just doesn’t seem like your making a dent in it. It’s the same for our list; we keep adding to it as we learn about new opportunities for adventure and it seems to grow and grow and doesn’t shrink. No matter how busy we are and how hard we try to get things checked off the list, we can’t get ahead of it! NY is one BIG never-ending adventure.

We do try to keep up with our friends and family from home and from afar. The cell phone is a wonderful tool for staying in touch. AND we also just had the pleasure of a few days with our Texas friends. I promised some photos from our days together. Most of our time was spent riding the subway, walking the neighborhoods, and eating and drinking. Sounds like the perfect way to spend time in NY!

Here’s to adventure and to good times with friends and family! And I’m so excited! Blair is coming on Friday!!!!

Welcome to Brooklyn!
But of course.
We did get some culture in.
And the obligatory street cart hot dog.
Iconic arches in Central Park
Iconic pond and sailboat races
Couldn’t miss Balto
Took the double decker bus tour. This was my favorite sight
Capped it all off with lunch at Balthazar

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