Sometimes, my apparent penchant for repetitive mistakes confounds me.

I’ve developed certain strategies in my 39 years in the workforce. One that almost always works is a fundamental belief that I am never the smartest person in a meeting. First, it is almost always true. AND it allows, no even forces me, to bring those things that I am good, or even very good at, to the table. I have a very good memory. Particularly around challenging experiences in my life (I’ve been “blessed” with many). And I’ve used that to broaden my perspective. Some call this empathy, I choose compassion.

Those that are reading this that have worked with me are probably scratching their heads saying Glen – compassionate?? Give me a few seconds. I believe that tough love is a fundamental component of compassion. And I believe challenges are life’s gifts. And the most compassionate thing anyone can do is walk side by side with a person through their challenges. Challenges are not to be avoided, but are to be embraced, addressed and used as the best learning opportunities.

My conscious and sub-conscious brain battle regularly. My conscious brain wants to keep me safe and free of all those nasty unknowns. My sub-conscious brain hungers for those new, multi-faceted complexities. It is why I do my best problem solving while asleep.

Dear friends, Joan and Brian Mikiten spent this past Sunday through Wednesday with us here in NYC/BK. We filled those days with many adventures. We have a blast together. AND I needed a down day yesterday. So, I took it and recharged my batteries. Going to bed last night, I didn’t feel great.

I woke up this morning and felt as good as I have felt in our 41 days here. So, after a brief chat, JDT and I decided to jump over to Manhattan, knock another one of Eater’s 22 best bagel shops (located on the Lower East Side) off the list (3 of 22 down) and walk over to the 911 Memorial. You see, JDT insisted we go within a narrow window of the anniversary remembrance. AND am I glad she did!! She was going with or without me.

The photo attached to this post is a view I noticed that was very symbolic for me. I love the elements in the photo. Two cranes rising from the reflection pond. One beyond the other, reaching into the sky. The human condition is to regroup, recover, rebuild.

This time in NYC/BK represents that to me on a very personal level. My confidence to build my life, our life together, on to the next thing! I’m so excited for whatever that becomes.

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One thought on “Fascinating

  1. I hope to make it there at some point as well. 911 was such an earth shattering experience for the world but we continue to rebuild and renew. You GO Glen with JDT at your side. I’m so envious of your trip and love hearing about it. Love you both!


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