Building New Habits

One of my goals for this time in Brooklyn was to build new habits. Frankly, my habits while at home in the Bay Area had become very tired and lazy.

I have an interesting relationship with lazy. One of my memories when I was about 10 was overhearing a conversation between my Mom and my Grandma (Mom’s mother in law). My lasting memory from that was my Grandma saying “Glen is lazy”. Maybe we all have an interesting relationship with lazy. All I know is that it has been both a positive and negative influence in my life. I’ve used it as fuel to accomplish most everything in my life. AND when I take time to decompress, relax, do nothing, it creates negative self images that effect me and those around me. I wish it weren’t true – it is!

The life I’m creating for myself contains much less work, and by definition more unstructured and idle time. (By the way, this is at least a distant cousin of JDT’s recent post.) I have a theory that this is part of why so many Baby Boomers struggle with the transition to “retirement”.

I was talking to one of my dearest friends Todd. Actually I was struggling with something, and I really needed Todd’s advice. You see, I love Todd. AND Todd and I are so different. He’s a scientist, I’m not. I’m an intuitive thinker, in Todd’s world all the best decisions are rational. Anyway, I had this thing. I was thinking about something in a very binary way. Black – white, on – off, yes – no. And this very clearly wasn’t working for me. Todd’s solution? Don’t. BRILLIANT!

So, I’m working hard at not seeing myself as either lazy, or not. Less yes – no. Less binary.

Each day I wake up with a new slate and the wonder of living in Brooklyn in front of me. And you know what, those habits driven by my former binary thinking are SLOWLY melting away and being replaced with incredible new experiences and even some wonderful new habits.

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60 something retirees (or semi-retirees) learning to live differently

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