can I? will I?

So…the Block Party? Turns out it’s an opportunity for the neighbors to hang out and greet each other throughout the day. In terms of activity – there was a jumpy for kids and a cornhole set up. At the end of the street there was a couch, rug, and coffee table with some alcohol being shared. A few people bbq’d (Glen included) and a neighbor brought us some banana fritter…other than that – it was a day of people coming and going. The next day there were a couple main streets blocked off for block parties. Seems to be a thing here!

I found a new coffee place called “Odd Fox”. (There will be a t-shirt in Glen’s future – it has a cute logo.) Glen found a great bakery a couple blocks away and lo and behold! It also has a great Italian restaurant with tons of outdoor seating. We enjoyed a dinner there last night. Our waiter could not have been nicer; sadly it’s his last week as he’s headed to medical school. To finish our meal, we had the apricot pana cotta as we needed to compare it to Oakland’s Belotti’s raspberry pana cotta. Belotti’s won by a fairly large margin though Saraghina’s gave a good effort.

Today Glen is heading to Rochester so Dug and I will learn how to be independent city dwellers. Can I? Will I venture out onto the subway alone? Maybe Uber? Time to pull up my big girl panties and go!

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One thought on “can I? will I?

  1. You got this!! We’ve ridden together enough times that, when you trust yourself, you’re instincts will take over. AND what is the worst that can happen? You go the wrong way, and very likely a new adventure will await.


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