Settling In?

We’ve been here for 4 days – we’ve found a largish market, a corner bodega (on every corner), TJ’s (a subway ride away), a 99 cent store, a couple USPS offices, a coffee shop (5 doors away-we already feel like it’s “our local”), a brisket/corned beef restaurant (loose term), a Japanese/Mexican restaurant (loose term) and the wonder of Amazon for some things we need for comfort.

In all of our wanderings and observations via walks, sitting on the stoop, and sitting on the sidewalk while sipping/eating…I have come to have an inkling of understanding of what it’s like to NOT be the “majority” in the neighborhood and what it’s like to live in such a diverse neighborhood. Let’s face it, my living experiences have ALL been suburban, white communities and while I always worked in a Latino community, I never lived there. We wanted “different”. We got it and I think that it’s going to be awkward, uncomfortable, exciting, and eye-opening. This weekend our neighborhood is having a 9 hour block party. I hope we step out of our comfort zone and enjoy the new experience to the fullest! Wish us luck!

David’s Brisket

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