Could There Be a Better Place to Say Goodbye?

Goodbye to what? Well, the details of that are quite numerous and complicated. The conceptual answer is so much more simple. First, I am so delighted this post follows Joyce’s glorious post of all of her and Blair’s adventures here in the City of Lights! I really take such great joy in hearing them talkContinue reading “Could There Be a Better Place to Say Goodbye?”

Cheers, England and Bonjour, Paris!

It’s been a whirlwind! I’d forgotten how much I love this city. Glen and I have not returned since the few days we stayed here on our honeymoon in…1989!!! Guess what?! Paris hasn’t changed in any discernible ways…or not in any major ways. I’d say it’s actually cleaner and even more pleasant than I rememberContinue reading “Cheers, England and Bonjour, Paris!”

Privilege, A Different Take on the Trip South

Joyce and I are both quite proud card carrying liberal club members. As such we struggle with the whole concept of privilege and where we fit in. Make no mistake, we both individually and as a couple have used our many privileges to even be doing what we do. And it is an ongoing struggleContinue reading “Privilege, A Different Take on the Trip South”